Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feather or Flower

Remove Formatting from selection I don’t like my job at the moment so I opened my Google reader for some guaranteed happiness on a long day. I found this and it made me smile. I have always wanted peonies at my wedding and cried a little on the inside when I found out that they would be out of season for my July wedding. I was happy to see that the sweet peas are a cute little substitute with the same texture I am looking for.

(Pictures by Open Air Photography for Janie Medley Flora Design)

It was also a reminder that I can't leave my unhappy job because I can't afford the wedding without the little paycheck I get every other week.

Then I thought, is there a place in my budget for some cutting back so I can quit my job and work at Starbucks? OK, so my job wasn't really that bad, but after about the 5th mishap of the day I was seriously considering it. The only thing that I thought of and was willing to part with were some of the ceremony flowers. We are getting married in a beautiful church and they are not really necessary. The boutonnieres were my other idea. I was at a wedding this weekend and the groomsmen had beautiful roses as boutonnieres but after about 10 hugs they were brown and wilted and didn’t look so hot. Brett’s bud had fallen off all together and he had replaced it with a dandelion. What do you think of feather boutonnieres(see below)? The quote I got from the florist was at least $20 a piece for fresh flower boutonnieres. I could make feather ones for about 5 bucks. Total savings = $180 not huge but still a nice chunk of change.

(Pic #1 Ardesign on Etsy) ( pic # 2 bonbon oiseau via cannelle et vanille)

P.S. This peony bouquet made of feathers also by Ardesign on Etsy looks a lot like the real thing, but I don’t think I could stomach a feather bouquet, as beautiful as it is.


  1. I love the picks!!! They are great. I don't know which bout I like better. I like the feathered but what about another flower? I don't know what we used. I am going to look at pictures tonight to inspire me to get off my ass and do who knows what. Don't let your JOB get you down. You have flowers to think about you can't let your job get in the way!

  2. I added a picture with two flowers ... I might like this one better as you suggested. I am not sure what the flowers are made of though?