Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Strips & Dots

Since we are having a photo booth at our wedding (I know this is overdone but I have never seen it at weddings I have been to) I wanted a photo strip save the date. I also know that this is overdone but as Brett pointed out most of our friends don’t stalk wedding blogs and many of them have never seen something like this. Anyway, I have wanted a save the date like this for months now. I love the dog holding up the date. But then yesterday I ran across this Polk-a-dot save the date and I was in love.

(Picture from (picture from oncewed)

So, I think I will combine the two. I am thinking about purchasing clear envelopes and filling them with white, black, and red dots of different sizes and putting our photo strip save the date in that. The best of both worlds I think. I know that inquiring minds will want to know: are your colors black, white and red? No! Because we don’t have colors, but that is for a different day and a different post. Now I just need to bribe Brett into taking sappy pics with me and get our dogs to sit long enough to snap a photo of them with the date sign.

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  1. you should take pictures outside your house or on a bluff some place!! That would be a good idea....yes it would