Monday, August 24, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses: Poll

This weekend I worked on a little something, something for my bridesmaids but many of them read this blog so I will have to keep that hush hush for now. I love secrets! The little project reminded me that I will, at some point, need to decide what I want them to wear. I want their dresses to be three things:
1. Something they each look good in
2. Something they could actually and I mean actually wear again (not a hot pink number I
just think they could wear again)
3. Something they are comfortable in, not a full length ball gown they need to lug around all
night and worry about getting dirty on the dance floor (and they will be on the dance floor
even if I need to drag them kicking and screaming!)
4. The wedding is also in Milwaukee in
July so I want them to be cool.

I feel like this is a pretty tall order. What I have going for me though is that I feel like I won't be that picky about the dress. Who knows if this will change when I am actually picturing them walking down the aisle but as of now I am pretty open. I know that I want gray dresses. I originally wanted black for a black and white ceremony but like I have said before I feel like that is a very popular trend right now and everyone is doing it. Also, I saw gray tux’s in a wedding and love, love, loved them. So, gray it is. I think this is still a color they could wear again at a lot of occasions (I hope).

So, here are the options. Drum roll please …..

Option #1: Same designer, same fabric, same color, same length, different styles.
This option would probably include a trip to David’s Bridal where each bridesmaid would pick out the style dress that they want and I (or we) would choose the color and fabric. They would most likely all be satin and knee length and each “girl” would pick the style they want. Strapless, one shoulder, halter, spaghetti strap, etc.


Option #2: Gray dress, same length, similar fabrics, go crazy!!!
Alright, so maybe you can tell I am leaning towards this but I feel like the families might think that I have lost my mind! I think it is so cute to have each maid in their own unique style. This might be hard to find dresses that I think look good together because I still want it to look nice in pictures but I think it would be so fun.

(photo by SugarLove Weddings via Polka Dot Bride)

What is your vote? Option #1 or #2?
Take the Poll on the right hand side of your screen.


  1. I like letting them have a say in what they wear. Then they feel more comfortable and get to show off a bit of their own personality. Also no one would expect it from you.

  2. I like the second option. I think that would look really cute:)