Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Alright, so I have been having a mini mental breakdown. I can't figure out how to pull my vision together for the reception. I know exactly what I want to do for the ceremony but I can't find what I want for the party. I wanted to have black pin tuck tablecloths and jewel tone flower centerpieces. And then ... I fell in love with a reception space (picture below) that has brown suede walls. I know that I could still pull this off but the black and brown combo would drive me nuts!!

(picture from intercontinental.com)

So I don't know exactly what I want but here is what I do know:

  • I need colors that go with brown but I don't think I want brown as a main color. Although, this Polk-a-dot brown theme caught my eye today. I just feel like the brown and sage/brown and blue/brown and fuchsia thing is not my style.

(Photos by Julie Dreelin of Beach Productions)

  • I would like to stick with the jewel tone look probably including a bright pink, deep orange, natural green, raspberry color and possibly a Merlot or blue color.
Herein lies part of the problem. I can't find a picture of what I want. Some pallets are too bright, some too dark and so on. And, I can't pick just a few colors. I am working on an inspiration board to add here.
  • I want a table cloth or runner with a contemporary print (love the look of a big, bold print).

(picture from theknot.com)

  • I would like half of the tables to have a full short centerpiece of different flowers with all of the colors incorporated. The picture below has some of the colors I am interested in and I like the glass vase but I don't want all the twigs and extra "stuff." I would also want something that is fuller with more colors and packed more tightly.


  • I want the other half of the centerpieces to be branches with moss at the base and either flowers, candles, crystals or all of the above hanging from the branches.


  • I love the look of clean, contemporary tables.

The problem is that I don't know how to pull all of this together and I really can't find fabric or tablecloths that I like to help me make a cohesive vision ...

Hopefully the wedding Gods will smile down on me and help me figure this one out.


  1. You know you will find something. you do have like 10 months to go. It will be okay. I am not good with color suggestions so I will leave this one to the experts and give you some advice....drink a lot.