Friday, September 25, 2009

Wedding Slide Shows Redone

Calling all clever brides. I need a modern and unique twist on the overdone wedding slide show. Brett really wants a slide show with adorable baby pictures, mysterious childhood pictures, and awkward teenage pictures, plus some of the hundreds of pictures of us at dances, bonfires, vacations, and everywhere in between. While I know that this is a fun thing for everyone to see, I see it at every wedding and you know me, anything at every wedding is not something that will be at mine. So you clever, crafty and resourceful brides out there, I need your help.

Maybe it will even include this family favorite from our first Christmas card.
Yes, we are joking!!! And yes, Brett is wearing a woman's sweater. He does not have freakishly long arms.

So far I am thinking we might include:
1)Clips of interviews about us from people close to us or those in the wedding
2)A cartoon picture time line of “our story” like you see on invites strung thought the slide show for those who don’t know how we came to be
3)A run down of the wedding party and how we know each member (short rundown)

That’s all I've got and I am not sold on any of the ideas yet. Any ideas?

(Example of a relationship timeline)


  1. I like the relationship timeline! Especially since you have been together so long that you have a timeline to show! I am not a big fan of the slideshows either... they are cute. I think you can't let it go to long. That is what makes them not so great is that people have like 200 pictures to look at and they should all look different... my 2 cents :)

  2. I agree ... we will do it during dinner or desert so people can just eat if they don't feel like watching :)

  3. I think you should definitely feature me in the story. You can't go wrong with that suggestion.

  4. Be careful what you wish for! I think you all might be featured Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (that is my evil cackle in honor of Halloween).

  5. I think it would be best if it were funny/a tad sarcastic in some way to go along with your humor as a couple. Like take the feeling of your Christmas card an use that for the slideshow. Of course, don't over do it and make it a comedy hour. But lighthearted humor would be fun.

  6. I agree ... I was even thinking of having Brett's friends use lines from his favorite movies (most of his favs are comedy's anyway). If I tried to get his guys to be serious or sappy for a movie they would have been goofy anyway so this is he best way to go.