Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hotel Catastrophe

So maybe it's not a catastrophe but it felt like a mini one Saturday night at 11 P.M.

This weekend I excitedly logged onto Expedia knowing that my wedding date would finally be available to book hotels online. It was then that I found out that my wedding is (dun, dun, dun) on EAA weekend! For those of you who are not from Oshvegas, EAA is a week long flight show where people from literally all over the world invade the small town in Wisconsin. This normally would not be a big deal, other then the fact that it ruins my entire wedding!!

Ok…deep breaths. Brett would tell me to get a grip right now. It really isn’t that big of a deal but it does make booking a hotel, finding a flight, or renting a car difficult and expensive. I originally wanted to book a block of rooms at another (cheaper) hotel in Downtown Milwaukee to give guests the choice of staying at the reception venue or the more economical choice. But because Oshkosh is so small and has only about 2 hotels people spill over into Milwaukee and every downtown spot is booked! At least we reserved a block of rooms at our hotel at a discounted rate (which is still steep but better then the $280 they are charging regularly that weekend). Now I am worried that the price will upset out-of-town guests, especially those standing up in the wedding that will need to purchase a suit or dress, and pay for a hotel for one or two nights. So my little brain is working on solutions. I haven’t thought of much yet other then letting people sleep in tents in our back yard. Which would normally be weird in a semi-big city but during EAA people in Milwaukee rent out their back yards for people to camp in, so not as weird but still not a good solution. Ahhh what to do…

(Source: Rick Aguilar via Dettagli Weddings)
At least this picture makes me feel a little better. The air show is an hour and a half away by car but somehow the jets turn around here in Milwaukee throughout the weekend. Maybe I will catch a picture with one.

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