Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Testing Testing

I bought a fondue set last year giddy with excitement planning all of the fabulous parties I would have and all of the delicious recipes I would make. My mouth was watering at the prospect of melted cheese and chocolate. Now, it has been a year and not surprisingly I have never used the darn thing. I have been contemplating getting all of my bridesmaids together to meet, girl talk, and possibly start assembling invitations and was thinking that cheese, chocolate and wine (for those 21+ and not pregnant) would be fun. On second thought there might not be much wine because that only leaves three of us. I was even considering getting the moms in on it. I don’t want to be too demanding or take too much time from those in my wedding party but I would love for everyone to get to know each other just a bit.

So, what do you ladies think?

Are you asking yourself why this is a test? Well…my naughty attendants who don’t read this little blog will be busted!! Just kidding. It is because we will be testing my fondue set, fondue fixins' and maybe some wine.


  1. Is thinking October 24th. The warm food will taste so good on a cold day. What do you think?

  2. You had me at 'fondue'...and if that wasn't enough, the promise of wine and girl talk sealed the deal.

    But Oct 23-31 is out for me.

  3. Does the first weekend in November work for you lovely ladies?

  4. Any weekend should work for me!

  5. I'm thinking that any day would work as long as I know ahead of time, so I can ask off at work:)

  6. Alright, lets plan on November 7th ... and Paz you are the slacker so hopefully that works for you :)