Monday, September 14, 2009

Ten Groomsmen ... TEN?!?!

I never thought that one of our wedding planning “issues” (I won’t call it an argument because we don’t fight over the wedding) would be selecting groomsmen.
(Photo by Gabriel Ryan Photography Via Green Wedding Shoes)

I have a few very close friends that I want to ask to be in my wedding. It is a very important day to me and I only want people involved that are going to be supportive, fun, and totally enamored with me all day. Alright, the last part isn’t essential but a bride to be can dream, right? I have always known that Brett would have more attendants then me. After all, I have never really been a girls girl and most of his friends are mine as well. So who cares if there are more men then women as long as everyone involved cares about each of us?

You are crazy! How is an uneven number going to work you ask? The Cathedral alter is in the middle of the church and I plan to have all of our attendants stand in a semi circle behind us with ladies and gents intermixed. Most people who hear this plan look at me like I have lost my mind. I guess people think it is crazy not to have an equal mix of men and women, but it really doesn’t bother me.
(Another great snap shot by Gloss Photography Studios)

What does bother me is that Brett wants to have ten, count them ten, groomsmen! That is about double the number of bridesmaids that I am going to have. I was hoping he would pick around (ok, exactly) eight because it seems like a more manageable amount for pictures (the top picture I posted has 8 groomsmen and the bottom has 7 and they look big!), getting down the aisle, seating at the head table, the list goes on and on. I guess each of my maids could be pimp and have a guy on each arm to walk them down the aisle. Although, how would they carry the flowers? This would probably look a bit weird. Maybe I am being the crazy one now; maybe I should just suck it up and let him choose whoever he wants. I don’t know why I feel like 8 is better than 10 or why I even have a number in my head but that is just what I had pictured. But don’t fear, we will figure it out, and I will keep you posted on the groomsmen drama!

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  1. if it makes you feel better, if you have 5 bridesmaids and he has 10 groomsmen, then the pictures will have the same number of people as the pictures above...which are very cute!