Friday, September 11, 2009

A Little Bling Bling

I thought we could all use a little sparkly to carry us through this Friday afternoon. Thank goodness the weekend is almost here! Last night when I came across this company I hit Brett in the arm gasping “guess what?!” When he found out what all the excitement was about he was less then enthused but I was still on my diamond high.

With more and more brides trying to reel in the wedding budget many of us don’t have big bucks to spend on real jewelry for the walk down the aisle. Well this blogger has a great solution! You can look beautiful, even on a budget.

Photos from Evoke Photography blog

Adorn Inc. will assure that you are dripping in diamonds for your big day. You can act like a celebrity and rent your jewelry for the day. So, you might not want to go as far as Heidi Montag and cover yourself in the stuff but some fancy chandelier earrings might be nice.


  1. I really love the earings from the middle picture and the male ring from the first:)

  2. Me too, that bride picked out great pieces!