Friday, October 30, 2009

What's Your Style?

The first florist I met with told me that she asks clients what their homes look like if she is having a problem figuring out exactly what style someone likes. On a side note, she didn't have to ask me; she guessed. Right after that, I met with a florist in his home and loved his style from the neutral tones and mix of modern and natural to the comfy pillows and streamlined accessories. I wondered even more...Does our home style translate into our wedding style? If so, maybe I need to see all of my vendors homes (that was a joke:)).

So, when I saw the Ethan Allen style quiz on Young House Love I couldn't resist. And they hit the nail right on the head! I am Metro with a touch of Loft ... they seem like opposites, but somehow they work so well together, kind of like most good things.

The verdict is in—your style is Metro. Metro is a great modern space. Chic, comfortable, clean. Do the math. Strong horizontals plus graphic clarity plus a fearless blending of metal, woods, leathers, and wovens; minus the superfluous and the clich├ęd; equals urban architecture domesticated, a vision for living.

This online portfolio shows your style. Brought to life in rooms. A subtle mix of furniture, accessories, and attitude. Different “looks.” Because every home should be unique. Come see.

Energetic. Fashion-driven. Practical. Materials borrowed from industry, architecture, and nature. Clean shapes. Punches of color. Spontaneous and fresh. Kids and pets? Bring them on.

It turns out that I think weddings and home decorating are at least closely related (at least second cousins) because my wedding style and my home decorating style are one and the same. I am constantly torn between my modern style and my love for everything natural, simple, and fun. More about this latter.

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