Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Sweet Treat

I am having all of my bridesmaids over on Saturday to meet each other. We will be trying on dresses, eating some good food and with this group probably laughing a lot. I am going to put together an Amy Atlas inspired dessert table for the day. There will only be seven people so it will be a mini-dessert table, but I wanted to try my first one on an un-intimidating crowd. I will be putting together a red and white one for the rehearsal dinner, a nut bar for the cocktail hour and another for a baby shower coming up, so hopefully I am decent at the endeavor. Being a perfectionist, I am hoping that it doesn’t look too amateur. It will be pink and white to give me some ideas for the red and white rehearsal dinner piece. Wish me luck!
(Pictures from Amy Atlas)

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