Monday, October 26, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake...Cheesecake

Alright, so you can all scream and tell me I am crazy and beg me not to do it over and over. But I am crazy, and I am going to do it, and it will be fun and amazing and yummy, all at the same time! I am making my wedding cake! That is right, I am making all 200 mini-cheesecakes that will be accompanied by a topping bar at the reception. This little trick will save me around a grand and will taste better too! My aunt has a killer cheesecake recipe and I am going to try to wrangle her and my mom into helping me the Thursday before the wedding. We have two mini-cheesecake pans between the two of us so if I get 2 more that means we will only need to make five batches. That’s not so bad, right? I have a feeling some friends might be getting mini-cheesecake pans for Christmas next year.
(Picture from Martha Stewart Weddings)

Brett and I don’t like cake, but both love creamy cheesecake. I want to make plain, chocolate, and a few with fruit hearts. The topping bar will have:

Oh yeah, that’s rightI. t is going to be drool worthy, just like the rest of the dessert table. However, these little gems are going to be the star! Wait for a post coming soon about the rest of the dessert buffet…it is going to blow your mind! Leave it to the girl who comes from a LONG line of sweet toothes to obsess over the dessert bar.


  1. First off I would like to say you are crazy and not to do it... second you should try to plan Mom and Anny doing most of this. You will be stressed and busy with other last minuet things. Third, Becky can help bake if you need.

  2. Lol I am crazy you should know this already ... wait until you see what else I have up my sleeve. I am going to do it the weekend before and it should only take an hour or 2 ... or 3. Also, I am going to take off two or three days before the wedding and ask Ann and Mom to come help with things. Ann and mom if you are reading this I didn't ask yet so you have time to think of excuses :)