Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The F Word

Does anyone else dislike the word Fiancé as much as I do? Maybe it comes from those obnoxious people who get engaged and drop it in every sentence that comes out of their mouths (sorry if you are one of those people). Or maybe it is because Brett likes to say it in a Pepe Le Peu accent and only uses it in funny situations in which he laughs hysterically afterwards (he hates the word, too). I just feel like I am being pretentious or obnoxious and I want to giggle every time I say it. On the other hand I catch people looking at the ring on my finger whenever I use the word boyfriend which is an equally awkward term at this age.

I wonder how I am going to say "husband" (yikes/weird) when that time comes. Brett has been my boyfriend for 8 years and it is a hard transition. Any other ladies out there find it hard to utter the F word?

(Pictures by Axioo via Green Wedding Shoes)

Maybe a fun engagement session like this one would get me into the spirit?

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