Friday, November 13, 2009

The Cake in the Face Problem

(Mathieu Photography)

So you know how they say men usually do the exact opposite of what you tell them? Or is that children they say that about? I guess sometimes there isn’t much difference.

Brett definitely falls into this category. I am not the type to tell him he “can’t” do something, but if I was he would probably laugh and run right along and do what I had said not to. This is where the cake in the face problem comes in. I DO NOT want cake in my face on my wedding day. I know everyone laughs and thinks it is cute when the bride and groom shove cake up each others' noses (they usually miss the mouth) but then I have cake on my face, which is no fun. I know it might sound vain but I just don’t want to muck up my makeup with frosting. And knowing Brett, who always spills a portion of dinner on himself it will get on him or worse on my dress!

However, I don’t want to tell him not to put cake in my face because the bigger deal I make of it the funnier he will think it is when he does it. But it is important to me (as stupid as this sounds I really don’t want cake shoved in my face one bit…not at all…zilch) and therefore I feel I should tell him. I guess at least I have a few months to mull this one over.

P.S. I will look as upset as the girl in the picture above if I do get dessert smeared on my face during the cake cutting. However, I think she is joking and I would not be.


  1. You will be surprised at how well they listen about cake in the face. My groom and I agreed to not make a mess out of it all. I ended up being the one to not listen and smeared it all over him. The photographer caught his stunned expression, and it is one of my favorite photos from our wedding.