Friday, October 23, 2009

Here Comes My Girl

(photography by Liz Linder via A Practical Wedding)

So, as I said in this previous post I am a bit of a flower child at heart. I love laid back Sundays, cotton sweatshirts, and organic produce. Brett and I also love a good Tom Petty concert. So naturally, Tom Petty is going to be our first dance. Either "Here Comes My Girl," which if we have “A Song” it is this one, or "Wildflower," which is Brett’s song for me (he calls me his wildflower).

The problem is that I like the words better to "Here Comes My Girl," but it is a very fast, upbeat song for a first dance. "Wildflower" is a pretty song and is slower, but the words are not as romantic (I guess this doesn’t really matter as long as we like the song). Because "Here Comes My Girl" is so upbeat, I feel we would need the assistance of a dance instructor. I know dragging Brett to lessons would be about as easy as prying a steak out of a lions mouth though, and I am not too excited about the prospect of trying to dance in front of a complete stranger either.

For all those brides out there who have taken lessons or had a song that was a bit different, what did you do?

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