Monday, October 5, 2009

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

I am toying with the idea of finding out if blondes really do have more fun. I have been a blonde for a long long long time and feel that it might be time for a change. Ok, so I had a short affair with brunette locks about two years ago, but I don’t think I really gave it a fair trial. I always go darker in winter, but not usually brown. However, with the wedding coming up I thought it might be good to give my tresses a break from the peroxide. I would love to have long, beautiful, healthy hair on my wedding day and I think this would help. I would go back to my roots (ok, that was a really bad pun…Bad!) for the wedding. I want to look like myself, which means dirty blonde it will be for the big day. I just can’t help but love shiny chocolate brown hair on other people...Maybe I will like it on myself.

What do you think? Should I cross over to the dark side? Or was I born to be a blonde? Take the poll on the right hand side of the screen. Don't worry, I can't tell who voted for what!


  1. Okay... I know you know what I am going to say! Go BROWN!!! You have so much time until your wedding who cares if you don't like it. You can always go back.

    I can also say you are copying me! hahaha
    p.s. for all of those of you that don't know...i have brown hair!

  2. You're always beautiful.