Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And the Bride Wore….

“You will just know”

“The right one will find you”

“It will give you butterflies”

Does this advice sound like something your mom told you when you were looking for Mr. Right? Well it’s the same advice you get while looking for a dress. Although the idea of the Perfect Dress finding me is somewhat comforting I am not sure that “the perfect dress” exists. There are millions of amazing dresses and when you try them on a lot of them look stunning. What you thought you wanted changes and the idea of picking just one seems impossible. So I teeter back and forth. Is there just one dress? I know there is just one groom for me, the perfect fit. People kept giving me all of the advice above when we were looking for houses as well and I was a bit skeptical then, too. But when the right house came along, I knew it was the one; there were other very nice houses but this house felt like mine from the time I stepped into it.

The more I worry about it and the more stress that I fell over finding the perfect dress the harder it has become. I keep thinking, "Will I know when it is 'the one?'” I don’t know what the one feels like so how will I know if it feels like the one? I know, I know your just do!

So my venture continues to find the perfect dress and although I think there might be many perfect dresses out there, or at least a lot of amazing choices, I hope that there really is one that is MY wedding dress. I hope the right dress finds me like my future husband and cozy little house did. I want a dress that feels like me, one that I don’t want to take off, one that I dream about.

The fun Oscar de la Renta dress makes me smile ... I hope my wedding dress is just as cool.

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